Eduardina is a designer.

Here in my little corner of small town USA, goal setting and hard work are highly regarded.  Right up there with raising littles that use Ma’am and Sir properly, as in all the time.  And for the most part, this is good stuff. Honestly, when I visit most everywhere in America, we Americans are known to be goal oriented.  Just as my town prides itself … Continue reading Eduardina is a designer.

Knocking MATH off the Pedestal

Imagine a pedestal.  Alabaster stone with Grecian carvings.  Tall, majestic, solid.   The kind of column found in the center of some fountain in a big city plaza.  Capable of weathering the worst of storms.  The kind of statue where people throw pennies at its feet and make wishes and watch their dreams glimmer in that shallow pool. Imagine that kind of pedestal.   And top that … Continue reading Knocking MATH off the Pedestal