Why the Learn Bravely Inclusive Cooperative?

There are some revelations I have had in homeschooling my children.  Concepts, that as a public school parent following public school philosophies, I was unaware existed.  And today is the day I would like to share them with the world.  (They directly relate to the title.) I am more than capable of teaching my own children.  Because I am the expert on my child, and … Continue reading Why the Learn Bravely Inclusive Cooperative?

Life of Fred Mathematics

There are certain math curriculums that make learning miserable.  Kill joy.  Take the smiles and turn those suckers upside down. And then there is Life of Fred. Life of Fred is written by an old math teacher, Stanley Schmidt.  It is the ongoing story of Fred, a mathematics professor at Kittens University.  Fred is also five years old.  Kid genius.  Sleeps under his desk.  Gets … Continue reading Life of Fred Mathematics

Community Action and Twelve Year Olds

I took the kids to their first ever community action meeting.  I cared to go, and since the husband was working, the boys got to see people come together to try to talk about and make a plan for an issue.  Now here is the deal with community action groups.  All the people in attendance are probably passionate about said issue.  But they don’t agree. … Continue reading Community Action and Twelve Year Olds