Statements/ Opinions (At least for today)



I have friends/ acquaintances of past and present that are white, straight, Christian, fundamental, southern, male, and female – and these probably make up a slim majority if I’m honest; As well, I have friends/ acquaintances that are dark skinned (meaning African American, African, plain American, etc.), light skinned, European, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, mixed race, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, agnostic, gay, lesbian, female, male, feminine, masculine, poor, rich, young, old, liberal, and conservative. Oh, and northern. (At least by birth.)

I voted for the Donald.

My friends voted for the Donald. And Hillary, Gary, Evan, and Jill.

I struggled with making political choices in this election cycle.

My choices in the primaries didn’t make it to the general elections.

Wine was useful in 2016.

I do not consider myself racist, mean, or hateful towards those unlike me.

I don’t feel the need to apologize for my political choice. It was difficult on many of us. We all get one vote.

I hope we come together and listen to each other.

We all have prejudices, and I continue to grow every time I discover I have one I didn’t see previously.

I don’t like the bathroom debate. Public restrooms are uncomfortable enough, especially for the constipated. Pick the private toilet if you need to. Let’s move on.

I am fine with gay marriage, especially those people that I have personally met and I know are committed to his/ her partner. Yes, I’ve read the bible.

I believe in the word of God. Yes, all of it.

I trust God to sort out any confusion.

I believe in evolution. And creation. Pretty much line up with the Catholics on this one.

Yes, I still believe I am Christian.

Catholics ARE Christians.

I am pro-life.

I am teaching my children to wait until marriage to have sexual intimacy. This is for their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I understand that many are not taught or choose not to follow abstinence until marriage. Wasn’t there even a sexual revolution as some point? They deserve respect in their decision; not shame.

Sex on TV makes me uncomfortable. I think I am normal in this.

All babies are gifts from God. Be supportive, not judgmental.

Except some bug babies. Fire ant babies are gifts from Satan. Jesus told me so.

Birth control (for humans) is practical. Education necessary.

I would love for a woman to make it to the Presidency one day.

I liked Obama as a person, and I found his sense of humor fun.

I disagreed with him politically.

Obamacare raises my blood pressure. Who do write to explain how the Hatches are not elites with this one? Please stop labeling us as recipients of a Cadillac plan. Our Epipens are vital, whether we’ve met a deductible or not.

I can get behind universal healthcare in theory. I would love to have good universal healthcare in reality. Let’s model the Japanese, please.

I believe individuals are much more creative at solving problems than governments are.

I think it is practical for some things to be run by a federal government, but not nearly as many things as we have handed over to it in recent times.

I like state and national parks. And interstates.

I like local food. And victory gardens. And raw milk.

I think the states need to get back to governing many things the federal government does now.

I think common core standards are flawed, but having educational standards makes sense.

I know teachers are smart enough to teach students if administrations would butt out.

Homework is 99% useless.

Worksheets are a waste of ink, wood, and resources.

Parents need to back off on the academic pressure and join in on more family board game nights.

Top teachers need to be admired, rewarded, and promoted as teachers; not turned into administrators.

Some administrators are excellent at running schools.

Keep them. Get rid of the rest.

Homeschooling rocks.

Police deserve respect.

Military is military. Police are police. Don’t let fear blend them.

Fear causes irrational thinking.

Guns are fine. So are laws on who can hold such a serious privilege.

If you own a gun, practice.

Deeper discussion with many perspectives offers better results.

I find Brexit fascinating. Gambling venues predicted Trump would win after following the statistics from Brexit.

We need to hold our own line in the sand with foreign governments.

We need to try to work with foreign governments and offer a gracious handshake to the rest of the world, even while standing on that line.

Capitalism is important.

So are ethics.

If you are spiritual, the argument about global warming is irrelevant. We are called to care for our Earth because it is a gift. Whether global warming is happening or not, we should still treat our environment with great reverence and pass it to our children in better condition than when we inherited it.

Welfare needs reform.

Drug testing of welfare recipients is fair.

If someone tests positive for drugs and they are poor enough to also otherwise qualify for welfare, they still need help, even if they shouldn’t be given more cash.


Mental health is a thing. Let’s be open about it.

Vitamin D and iodine can solve a lot of problems.

So can vacation.