2018 – 2019 Course Offerings


Fall Course Offerings:

Writing Workshop for High School

Music Appreciation – Symphony in Color – for Middle/ High School

Private and Small Group Music Instruction with performance opportunities

***descriptions below***

Writing Workshop for High School – This high school writing course is two independent semesters and covers one semester of creative writing and one semester of academic writing. The course is designed for students ranging from the reluctant writers to the wordy wordsmiths. This class is a basic level course that can be adapted to challenge honors level students. The intention is to introduce writing in a way that is welcoming and reduces anxiety and intimidation often experienced by students that do not feel like natural writers. Our first semester is focused on creative writing in order for students to become comfortable engaging in the art of the writing process and be able to find enjoyment in one’s own written expression. Semester two switches to academic writing, mainly focusing on an essay format that can be used across subject matters.  The course uses a writing workshop format, meaning that every session includes a mini lesson, a time for sharing and engaging with other students, quiet time for practice, and opportunity for presentations. While there certainly are assignments, the workload is designed to mesh with each student’s individual course load. In other words, we will be working on specific skills and framework, but the content can be pulled from a student’s own studies.


Fall Semester – August 24th to December 14th (optional tutoring day September 21, fall break/ no class October 19th or Thanksgiving week)

Spring Semester – January 11th to May 10th (optional tutoring day February 15, break/ no class March 22th and April 19th)

High School Writing Workshop, Cost – $140/ semester (90 minutes)

Please email pchatch76@gmail for registration. A nonrefundable fee of $40 per student is requested to hold a space. If the minimum amount of students is not met, the fee will be returned.

Through Piedmont Music Academy…..

Symphony in Color brings music to life through experiences intended to bring out the stories behind famous pieces. This class uses visual art, improvisation, poetic writing, storytelling, and much more in order to provide depth to the material through fun, engaging learning opportunities. Composers come alive in historical perspective in this out of the box music appreciation class.

Symphony in Color I (Middle school level) – This class will introduce students to famous works, and give them a good foundation for music appreciation. It’s a great class for students that love listening to music (all kinds are acceptable here!), but may not yet be ready to commit to learning a particular instrument.  No previous musical experience is needed. There will be a small supply fee to cover materials.

Symphony in Color II (High School level) – This class will provide a good base knowledge for many famous works, their composers, and the historical context for each piece. It’s a great class for students looking to earn an elective high school credit and easily counts as a music appreciation course. No previous musical experience is needed. There will be a small supply fee to cover materials.


Thursdays, September 6th to November 29th (No classes the week of Thanksgiving)

Thursdays, January 10th to April 25th (No classes March 7th or April 18th)

Thursday, 1-2pm Middle School, $100

Thursday, 2-3pm High School, $100

Please visit http://piedmontmusicacademy.org/ for registration. There is a registration fee in addition to the class fee. These are set by Piedmont Music Academy. If there is a discrepancy between websites, they are accurate. You may also email me at pchatch76@gmail.com for further information or clarification.

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