Who is Patricia Hatch?

20171107_202554.jpgTo hear my Momma tell it, she planned to name me Elizabeth. But nine months of everybody and their Granny asking how Elizabeth was gettin’ along, and Momma took alternate suggestions. My big brother, Allan, offered up “Patricia” and apparently it stuck.  Growing up at the base of the Tennessee mountains, two loving parents, a bunch of older siblings, and some cats, Life was pretty sweet.  Small town, hot dogs at the minimart, best friend a  backyard bike ride away, and lots of people at the holidays…..

Nowadays, the days blur together with real estate dreams, music, homeschooling and a big ole dose of single motherhood. I could fill in lots of blanks, but I won’t spill it in our introductions.

Instead, jump on in and discover the eclectic offerings at Educating Patricia Hatch.  (Check out the menu headers just to the left.)


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