I went to college to be Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie, Dangerous Minds.  My plan was Boston; their educational superhero just needed a few more classes and then she would be on her way.  Yet right before graduation, I met my future husband and so I took a job in Columbia, SC instead.  The principal at the time told me he had enough inner city for me right there, and if the husband and I didn’t work out, I could always go to Boston later.  He must have laughed to himself after our interview; he had just hired a very confident twenty-two year old white girl from small town Tennessee that got her degree from a college nicknamed “The Country Club of the South.”  I was the fifth teacher that class had seen in four months; one teacher had a mental breakdown; and I was the one that survived.

It’s now years later, the husband didn’t work out, and, so far at least, I have not made a career in Boston.  Instead, I taught third grade, tutored a variety of subjects from high school math to basic reading, visited home-bound students, worked at a preschool, substituted in special education, assisted a retiring teacher, started a non-profit with friends, and even went to real estate school. I am currently a single mom homeschooling my two boys, teaching music, practicing real estate, and listening for God’s call.  It has been a journey through many different aspects of education, and I now look forward to growing immensely with each new opportunity.

Educating Patricia Hatch is, in essence, a journal of my education in a very broad sense, and I am excited to share it with you.



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