Personal Bio

To hear my Momma tell it, she planned to name me Elizabeth. But nine months of everybody and their Granny asking how Elizabeth was gettin’ along, and Momma took alternate suggestions. My big brother, Allan, offered up “Patricia” and apparently it stuck.  Growing up at the base of the Tennessee mountains with two loving parents, a bunch of older siblings and some cats, Life was pretty sweet.

Eventually I attended college, planning to be Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie, Dangerous Minds.  My plan involved unleashing my educational superpowers on Boston. Yet right before graduation,  I took a job in Columbia, SC instead.  The principal at the time told me he had enough inner city for me right there, and I could always go to Boston later.  He must have laughed to himself after our interview; he had just hired an overly confident twenty-two year old from Tennessee that got her degree from a college nicknamed “The Country Club of the South.”  I was the fifth teacher that class had seen in four months; one teacher had a mental breakdown; I was the one who survived.

Today I spend my time navigating the world of real estate and teaching music while homeschooling two teenage boys as a single parent. It’s a whirlwind and it’s worth every. single. twirl. I could fill in lots of blanks, but I won’t spill it in our introductions.

Instead, feel free to jump on in and explore the many eclectic offerings of Educating Patricia Hatch.




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