In 2012, out of desperation and lack of good alternatives, my family set out on a homeschooling adventure.  We weren’t sure quite what we were doing, but we had friends that seemed to love the whole homeschool thing, and since I had a degree in education, we figured we couldn’t screw up too badly.  Three years later we wouldn’t change a thing and can’t imagine how we lived any other way.

If you are curious about this quirky little subset of the educational world, please feel free to take a peek and read some of my posts below.

Homeschooling 101 posts, listed in order:

1.  Homeschooling 101: The Truth in Numbers

2.  Homeschooling 101: Socialization

3.  Homeschooling 101: My Dining Room Table Isn’t a Schoolroom and Other Ways to Teach the Kiddos

4.  Homeschooling 101: What is UN-School-ing??

Additional Homeschool posts:

1.  Why the Learn Bravely Inclusive Cooperative?

2. What Single Decision Changed Your Life?

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events…


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